Your organization

The Nashville Neighborhood Alliance is made up of Neighborhood-Based Organizations – Neighborhood Associations, Neighborhood Watches, Homeowner Associations, Condominium Associations, Block Clubs and other Resident-Driven Community Improvement and Maintenance Organizations.

You and your organization's needs, vision and expectations are what drives your actions. By participating in a coalition of resident-driven neighborhood-based groups you are exponentially increasing your group's ability to attain the hard, widely shared goals of Nashvillians. Whether your group is needing help getting going or it's a mature organization wanting to engage with experienced neighbors from around the county on life improving issues -- NNA is a great place to be.

In order to help attain county-wide and local community goals, we collaborate with a wide range of appropriate organizations in our city.

We have worked with the Metropolitan Council, Police Department, League of Women Voters, Vanderbilt University School of Nursing, Urban League, Metro Health Department, Metro Planning Department, Office of the Mayor, Environmental Court, Nashville Electric Service, Metro Water, Nashville Coalition Against Racism, Neighborhood Crime and Safety Council, Cumberland Region Tomorrow, Tennessee Coalition for Open Government, Tornado Recovery Coalition and many more.

In the end, it is a community made up of strong and active neighborhoods that allow Nashville to be labeled the β€œIt” city.