Actions & Projects

Our charter charges us with being a neighborhood champion on a very wide range of topics and issues. Initially, this caused us to force our way into the smoke-filled back rooms of government. Later, we were invited to join in the work on quality of life issues. While we began as just board members it was clear that our capacity to bring people together to find solutions meant that we took positions of leadership – chair, president, etc. on boards, committees, working groups and the like.


Action on Nashville’s Agenda

Air Pollution Control

Animal Control Advisory Committee

Cellular Towers

Community Livability Index

Community Policing Task Group

Consumer Protection Legislation

Council Redistricting Process

Day Care Standards

Defendable Space Promotion

English First

Environmental Court

Excellence In Development

Floodplain Protection

Graffiti Task Force


Government Ethics Standards

Healthy Nashville 2000+

High Voltage Power Line Task Group

Historic Preservation

Housing Trust Fund

League of Women Voters/NNA Candidate and Issue Forums

Mayor’s Police Operation Committee

Nashville Coalition Against Racism

Nashville Healthcare Partnership

Nashville’s Agenda

Nashville Area Livability Study

Nashville’s Night Out Against Crime 1995-02

Nashville Sponsoring Committee

Neighborhood Crime and Safety Council (Founder)

Neighborhood Planning Process

Recycling Program Initiatives

Short Term Rental Property Management

Sign Ordinance

Solid Waste Consortium

Solid Waste Management Review

Spot Blight Ordinance

Storm Water Management Committees

Subarea Planning Citizen Advisory Committees 1-14

The Future of Neighborhoods

Tornado Recovery Efforts

Traffic and Pedestrian Safety Task Force

Tree Ordinance

Violence Prevention Coalition

Zoning Advisory Committee

Zoning Codes Review Team

and more…..

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