In 1984 a small group of leaders from a variety of Nashville’s neighborhoods came together in the first meeting of what was to become the Nashville Neighborhood Alliance (NNA).

The simple, yet important, idea was that neighborhoods should work together as a group to have an even broader impact on the future of our city.

As the neighborhood movement continued to take hold in our city, so did the NNA. While the initial membership contained a lot of urban and historic neighborhoods, as time passed suburban and rural areas became more involved in the NNA.

The Nashville Neighborhood Alliance works to keep a wide range of neighborhoods involved, from areas throughout Davidson County, as it shapes its policies and responds to specific issues. A varied and active membership is the best guarantee that it will continue to represent Nashville’s neighborhoods as a whole.

As the Countywide advocate of neighborhood groups, the Nashville Neighborhood Alliance continues to be the strongest voice of neighborhood life in Nashville.  Over the years, more than 400 neighborhood groups have worked together with us to protect our quality of life and move corporately toward our goals.

The continued focus on neighborhoods can only happen with our continuing vigilance and action!

Participation and Membership

Your membership and participation in the Alliance are essential.  We must be able to speak with one voice and move in one motion in order to reach our goals.

Join in our membership meetings where you can network with other neighborhood leaders and take part in interactive presentations on issues important to almost all neighborhoods.

The Alliance is the best avenue to advance the issues critical to the success of the neighborhood movement.

We always work to advance the cause and interests of all the neighborhoods in our city! No other organization does that!

With your assistance, the Nashville Neighborhood Alliance will continue to make Nashville an even better place to live, work and play. 


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