Our Friends and Neighbors

One of the challenging tasks that the Nashville Neighborhood Alliance has found itself with, was the maintenance of a record of all the resident-driven neighborhood organizations with whom we have worked, in one way or another.
When leading projects such as the Nashville's Night Out Against Crime (we grew NNO from a handful of groups to well over 150 neighborhood-based crime prevention events and 5 large regional events - we won 3 National Awards for citizen and community engagement), The Future of Neighborhoods (which drew over 175 of the city's finest neighborhood leaders) and the many Candidate's and Issues forums that were held, some neighbors and organizations are missed.
When we had the support of the Non-profit corporation that we created to help us with these tasks (Neighborhoods Resource Center), it was a fairly simple affair. What was more difficult was keeping track of all the neighborhood leaders we assisted by phone, in person, by e-mail or at the many different meetings we held.
The dynamics of some, if not a majority of groups is that their level of activity is often determined by external factors such as development, crime, codes problems, disasters, political intransigence or other items requiring a community response. Therefore we have always noted that neighborhood groups almost always exist along a continuum of leadership and action. 
It has been our great pleasure to have had the experience to enjoy the company of those listed below, and those we may not have on our list. We are happy to fix any mistakes by sending us a note to [email protected]. The very best to you all!
12South Neighborhood Association
15th Avenue Neighborhood Watch
8th Avenue South Business Association
Academy Square Condos Neighborhood Watch
Academy Square Homeowners Association
Acklen Park Neighbors/West End
Acklen/Westgrove Neighborhood Association
Alan Estates Neighbors
Alta Loma Apartments
Amqui Station Neighborhood Watch
Andrew Jackson Courts Resident Association
Arden Place Homeowners Association
Arlington Green Neighborhood Watch
Arrowhead Estates Neighborhood Association
Asheford Crossing Neighborhood Association
Avalon Neighborhood Association
Avalon Neighborhood Watch
Baltic Bunch
Batavia Neighborhood Strategy Area CAC
Battlefield Neighborhood Association
Battlemont Neighborhood Association
Baxter Road Neighbors
Beacon Square Neighborhood Association
Beech Avenue Neighborhood Watch
Bell Forge Village Homeowners Association
Bell Trace Drive Neighborhood Watch
Belle Forest Condominiums
Belle Meade Highlands Neighborhood Watch
Belle Meade Link Triangle Neighborhood Association
Belle Oaks Neighbors
Belle Pointe Townhomes Association
Belle Valley Apartments Neighborhood Watch
Bellevue Area Citizens For Planned Growth
Bellewood Park Apartment Association
Bells Bend Defenders
Bellshire Terrace Neighborhood Watch
Bellwood Neighborhood Watch
Belmont-Hillsboro Neighbors, Inc.
Berry Hill Merchants Association
Binkley Crime Busters
Birkdale Place Neighbors
Blue Fields Homeowners Association
Bonnafield Drive Neighborhood Watch
Bonnie Brae Subdivision Community Council
Bordeaux - Whites Creek Neighborhood Watch Alliance
Bordeaux Business Coalition
Bordeaux Civic Association
Bordeaux Community Housing Development Organization
Bordeaux Hills/River Meadows Residential Association
Boscobel Heights Neighbors
Bowling-Woodlawn Neighborhood Association
Bradford Hills Homeowners Association
Bradford Hills Neighborhood Watch
Brandywine Farms Homeowners Association
Brandywine Place Homeowners Association
Bransford Avenue Neighborhood Watch
Breeze Hill Neighborhood Association
Brent Ridge Neighborhood Watch
Brenton Park Neighborhood Association
Brentwood Downs Apartments
Brentwood Trace I Neighborhood Watch
Brick Church/Bellshire Homeowners Association
Bridle Downs Homeowners Association
Brookside Neighborhood Watch
Burchwood Gardens Neighbors
Burton Hills Homeowners Association
Burton Valley Neighborhood Association
Caldwell - Abbay Hall Neighborhood Association
Calumet Neighborhood Watch
Cambridge Forest Homeowners Association
Candlewood Homeowners Association
Cane Ridge Farms Association
Capitol Hill Area Residents Association
Capitol View Neighborhood Association
Carleen Waller Manor Resident Assoc.
Carlyle Place Neighbors
Cass Street Neighborhood Watch
Castlegate Civic Club Neighborhood Watch
Castlegate Neighborhood & Civic Club
Castleman/Hobbs Neighborhood Association Inc.
Cedar Creek Homes
Cedar Creek Neighborhood Watch
Cedar Crest Homeowners Association
Cedarmont Estates Neighborhood Group
Center Street Neighborhood Watch
Charlotte Park Neighborhood Association
Chase Creek Homeowners Association
Chase Point Neighborhood Watch
Chateau Valley Neighborhood Association
Chatham Pointe Neighborhood Association
Cherokee Hills Watch Group
Cherokee Park Neighborhood Watch
Chesapeake / RaiNeighborhood Watch
Chestnut Hill Neighborhood Association
Christiansted Valley Neighborhood Association
Citizens for Better Neighborhoods
Clarksville-BueNeighborhood Association
Claymile Station Homeowners Association
Cleveland Park Neighborhood Association
Cloverland Acres Homeowners Association
Cloverland Homeowners Association
Cobblestone Corners Association
Colemont Neighbors
Colonies Neighbors
Community at Bordeaux Neighborhood Association
Community Residents Against Crime
Compton Road Neighbors
Concerned Citizens of South Inglewood
Coopertown Farms Homeowners
Copperfield Homeowners Association
Cora Howe Family Resource Center
Corinthian MBC Neighborhood Watch
Cottonport Neighborhood Watch
Council District 27 Neighbors
Country Way Neighborhood Watch
Cowan Street Advisory Group
Craigmeade Neighborhood Watch
Creekside Neighborhood Watch
Crestbrook Meadows Condo's Neighborhood Watch
Crestridge Drive Neighborhood Watch
Crieve Hall -- Regent Drive Neighbors
Crieve Hall -- Stillwood Neighborhood Watch
Crieve Hall Neighborhood Association
Croley Wood Neighborhood Association
Cross Timbers Neighborhood Association
Cumberland Gardens Neighborhood Association
Cumberland Gardens Neighborhood Watch
Cumberland Station Neighborhood Watch
Curreywood Acres Neighborhood Association
Curtis Street Neighborhood Watch
CWA -- Cayce Learning Center
Dahlia Doers
Dalewood Neighborhood Watch
Danbury Condominiums Homeowners Association
Devon Park Homeowners Association
Dickerson Road Merchants Association
Dismas House
District 15 Neighbors
District 17 Newsgroup
Donelson Hermitage Neighborhood Association, Inc.
Donelson Hills / Walnut Grove Neighbors
Donelson Hills Neighborhood Association
Downtown Partnership
East End Neighborhood Association
East Glencliff Neighborhood Association
East Hill Neighborhood Association
East Madison Neighborhood Watch
East Nashville Block Club Group
East Nashville Caucus
Eastwood Neighborhood Association
Eastwood Neighborhood Watch
Eastwood Neighbors Inc.
Eastwood North Neighborhood Watch
Eaton's Creek Park Homeowners
Edge O' Lake/Clearwater Drive Neighborhood Association
Edgehill Community Garden Inc.
Edgehill Homes Residents Association
Edge-O-Lake Neighborhood Watch
Edgewood Residence Association
Edmondson-Cloverland Homeowners Association
Elliston Place Merchants Association
Elmington Condominium Homeowners Association
Enchanted Hills Community
Enchanted Hills Neighborhood Association
Ensworth Neighbors
Estates 58
Fairlane Park Neighborhood Association
Family Center at Berkshire Place Apts.
Fisk-Meharry Citizen Advisory Council
Flatrock Battlewood Neighborhood Association
Flatrock Heritage Foundation, Inc
Fleetwood Homeowners Association
Forest Woods Neighborhood Association
Four Corners Neighborhood Association
Fredericksburg Homeowners Association
Friends of East Maple
Friends of Elmington Park
Friends of Radnor Lake
Friends on Five Neighborhood Watch
Galaxy Star Drug Awareness
Gillock Street / Hilltop Lane Neighborhood Watch
Glencliff Neighborhood Association, Inc.
Glencliff Neighborhood Watch
Glengarry Park Neighborhood Watch
Golden Valley Neighbors
Golf Street Neighborhood Watch
Gra-Mar Acres Homeowners Association
Grande Villa Estates Homeowners
Grandview Heights Homeowners Association
Greater Five Points Merchants Association
Green Hills Action Partners
Green Hills Neighborhood Association
Green Hills Neighbors
Greenfield Neighborhood Watch
Greenhill/ Midtown Neighborhood Alliance
Greenwood Neighborhood Association
Hadley Park Neighborhood Association
Hampton Hall Homeowners Association
Hampton Park Homeowners Association
Hanover Park Homeowners Association
Harbor Village Homeowners Association
Harborview Neighbors
Harbour Town Condominiums
Harpeth Trace Services
Haynes Area Residents
Haynes Estate Neighborhood Watch
Haynes Garden Tenant Council
Haynes Heights Neighborhood Organisation
Haynes Manor Homeowners Association
Haynes Park Neighborhood Association
Haywood Lane Neighborhood Association
Heartland Point
Heritage House Apartments
Heritage Meadows Neighborhood Watch
Heritage Square Homeowners Association
Heritage Village Condominiums
Heritage Village Homeowners Association
Hermitage Estates Neighborhood Association
Hermitage Ridge Neighborhood Watch
Heron Walk Homeowners Association
Hickory Chase Association
Hickory Glade Neighborhood Watch
Hickory Highlands Homeowners Association
Hickory Valley Condominiums
Highland Villa Condo Association
Highlands Neighbors
Highlands of Brentwood
Highlands of Harpeth Trace Neighbors
Highlands of Tulip Grove Neighbors
Hill N Dale Neighborhood Association
Hill Place Homeowners Association
Hill Place Neighborhood Watch
Hillbrook Neighborhood Watch
Hillhurst Aptartments
Hillhurst Homeowners Association
Hillsboro Station Condos
Hillsboro Village Neighborhood Association
Hillsboro-West End Neighbors
Hillwood Estates Neighborhood Association
Hillwood Heights Neighborhood Association
Hillwood Neighborhood Association
Historic Buena Vista Neighbors
Historic Edgefield Neighborhood Association
Historic Edgefield Neighborhood Watch
Historic Germantown Nashville Neighborhood Association, Inc.
Historic Old Hickory Village Neighborhood Association
Historic Preston Taylor Homes Residents Association
Historic Sylvan Park
Historic Talbot's Corner
Historic Waverly Place Neighborhood Association
Historic West Nashville Neighborhood Association
Hoggett Ford Road Neighbors
Honey Brook Homeowners Association
Hooten Hows Road Neighborhood Watch
Hope Gardens Neighborhood Association
Hound's Run Homeowners Association
Howard McChesney Neighborhood Watch
Howell Park Homeowners Association
Humanities Caregivers Project
Humber Drive Residents
Huntington Ridge Neighborhood Watch
I.C. White Stone Foundation
I.W. Gernert Homes Residents Association
Ilawood Court Association
Inglewood Action Partners
Inglewood Court United
Inglewood Neighborhood Association, Inc.
Inns of Granny White
Jackson Grove Subdivision
Jackson Grove Subdivision
Jackson Park Community Club
Jacksonian Drive Neighborhood Watch
Janice Group Neighborhood Watch
Jasperson Drive Neighborhood Watch
Jefferson Street United Merchants Partnership
Jocelyn Hollow Neighborhood Watch
Joelton Communtity Club
Joelton Neighborhood Association
Jones / BueNeighborhood Association Vista Neighborhood Watch
Joseph Avenue Block Club
Joy Gardens Neighborhood Association
Joy-Caring Neighborhood Watch
JSH Neighborhood Club
Keeling Avenue/Trinity Lane Neighborhood Watch
Kenmore Neighborhood Watch
Kenner Manor Homeowners Association
Knob Hill Area Neighbors
Kur-It Neighbors
Lake Chateau Condiminiums
Lake Park Homeowners Association, Inc.
Lake Park Neighborhood Watch
Lakeshore Woods Neighborhood Watch
Lakewood Beautification
Lakewood Village Homeowners Association
Leopole Road Residents
Lincoya Hills Neighborhood Watch
Linmar Place III Neighborhood Watch
Linton South Harpeth Homeowners Association
Lions Head Homeowners Association
Lion's Head Homeowners Association
Lockeland Springs Neighborhood Association
Lockeland Springs Neighborhood Watch
Lombardy Neighbors
Long Hunter Chase Neighborhood Watch
Margo Lane Neighbors
Marrowbone Preservation Society
Martha O'Bryan Center
Maxwell Area Neighborhood Association
Maxwell Area Neighborhood Association
Maynor Place Neighborhood Association
McCrory Heights Neighborhood Watch
McCrory Trace Estates
McFerrin Park Area Neighborhood Association
McFerrin Park Neighbors
McMurray-Huntington Neighborhood Association
MDHA Hope VI Historic Preston Taylor
Meadowood Neighborhood Watch
Medial Avenue Residents
Melbourne Drive Neighborhood Association
Merry Oaks Neighbors
MetroCenter Advisory Group
Midtown Business Association of Nashville
Monroe Village Improvement Council
Montague Neighborhood Association
Montcastle Estates Homeowners Association
Monte Carlo Estates
Morenan Street Neighborhood Group
Morriswood Drive / Prescott Road Neighborhood Watch
Mountain View Homeowners Association
Mt. Pisgah Homeowners Association
Mt. View Community Homeowners Association
Mt. View Road Citizens Link
Mulberry Downs Neighborhood Watch
Murfreesboro Road Business Association
Napier Family Resource Center
Nashboro Woods Neighbors Neighborhood Association
Nashville Neighborhood Defense Fund
Neeleys Bend Neighborhood Association
Neighborhood Improvement Project
Neighborhood Trash Patrol
Neighborhood Vision
Neighbors Against Crime Neighborhood Watch
Neighbors of Granny White
Neighbors Reaching Out
New Hope Meadows Neighbors
Night Owl Watch
Nocturne Forest Homeowners Association
Nolensville Road Inspiration Project
Norman King Neighborhood Watch
North Nashville Organization for Community Improvement 
North Pettus Road Neighborhood Watch
North Pointe Homeowners Association
Northbrook Estates Neighborhood Watch
Northeast Nashville Neighbors
Northeast Organized Neighbors
Northern Inglewood Neighborhood Association
Northwest Nashville Civic Association
Northwest Nashville Civic Association
Oak Highlands Homeowners Association
Oak Hill Taxpayers
October Woods Neighbors
Oglesby Community House
Old Hickory Boulevard South Neighborhood Alliance
Old Hickory Hills Subdivision
Organized Neighbors of Edgehill
Osage Neighborhood Watch
Otter Creek Neighborhood Watch
Park Court Homeowners Association
Parkview Homeowners Association
Parkway Neighborhood Watch
Parkwood Villa Apartments Neighborhood Watch
Pebble Creek Apartments Neighborhood Watch
Pebble Creek Estates
Pennington Bend Neighborhood Association
Pennock Area Neighborhood Organization
Pepper Ridge Neighborhood Watch
Percy Priest Meadows Neighborhood Association
Perry Heights Neighborhood Association
Pine Forest Homeowners Association
Pinnancle Point Homeowners Association
Plantation Drive/Hermitage Hills Neighborhood Watch
Poplar Creek Estates Homeowners Association
Poplar Creek Homeowners Association
Poplar Glen Neighborhood Association
Poplarwood Home Owners Association
Poplarwood Neighborhood Watch
Priest Lake Association Neighborhood Watch
Priest Lake Neighborhood Watch
Priest Lake Neighborhood Watch
Priest Lake Park Condos
Providence Park Neighborhood Watch
Pullen Avenue Neighborhood Watch
Putnam Drive Neighborhood Watch
Quail Trail Crimebusters
Quail Valley Homeowners Association
Radnor Neighborhood Association
Rainahood Homeowners Association
Raintree Village Neighborhood Watch
Ransom Park Homeowners Association
Ravenwood Homeowners Association
Raymond Heights Neighborhood Watch
Rayon City Beautification Neighborhood Association
ReDiscover East
Renewal House Apartments
Renraw Community Association
Richland-West End Neighborhood Association
Richland-West End Neighborhood Watch
River Crest Homeowners Association
River Drive  Neighborhood Watch
River Glen Homeowners Association
River Park Homeowners Association
River Plantation Section I Neighbors
River Plantation Section III Neighborhood Watch
River Plantation Section IV Neighbors
River Plantation Section IX Neighbors
River Plantation Section VI Neighborhood Watch
River Plantation Section VIII Neighborhood Watch
River Trace Neighborhood Watch
Riverpoint Homeowners Association
Rivers Edge Homeowners Association
Riverside Drive Beautification Group
Riverwood Residents Association
Robertson/Urbandale/Nations Neighborhood Associationtion
Rolling River Homeowners Association
Rosebank Meadows Homeowners Association
Royal Arms Community Neighborhood Watch
Salemtown Neighbors
Scottsboro Community Club
Scovel Street Neighborhood Watch
Seven Springs Neighborhood Association
Sharondale Court / Sharon Hill Circle Neighborhood Watch
Sheffield on the Harpeth Homeowners Association
Shepherd Hills Neighborhood Association
Smith Springs Neighborhood Watch
Somerset Farms Homeowners Association
Somerset Kinser Green Homeowners Association
South Hampton Homeowners Association
South Harpeth River Valley Neighbors
South Inglewood Neighbors
South Nashville Action People
South Nashville Family Resource Center
South Nashville Neighborhoods Assistance Group Inc.
South Oak Hill Neighborhood Association
Southfork Subdivision Neighborhood Association
Southside Neighborhood Coalition
St. Luke's Family Resource Center
Stanford Estates Homeowners Association
Stanford Estates Homeowners Association
Stanford Village Homeowners Association
Starboard Drive Neighborhood Watch
Stone Creek Park Neighbors
Stonemeade Homeowners Association
Stoners Glen Homeowners Association
Stuart Glen Neighborhood Watch
Summit Run Homeowners Association
Sunnyside Community Citizens, Inc.
Sunnyside Neighborhood Watch
Sutherland Heights Neighborhood Association
Sweetbriar Neighborhood Watch
Sylvan Heights Homeowners Association
Sylvan Heights Neighborhood Association
Sylvan Park Neighborhood Association
Talley Green Neighborhood Watch
Tennessee Neighborhood Volunteers
The District Organization
The Highlands of Allen's Green
The Peninsula Homeowners Association
The Third Eye Neighborhood Watch
Thompson Lane Murfreesboro Road Action Group
Thousand Oaks Estates Neighborhood Association
Thrible Springs Homeowners Association
Timber Lane/Woodleigh Neighbors
Tomorrow's Hope Neighborhood Association
Towne Village Neighborhood Watch
Traceside Homeowners Association
Trevecca Towers, Inc.
Trimble Action Group
Trimble Road Neighborhood Association
Trintiy Hills Neighborhood Association
Truxton Park Neighborhood Watch
Tulip Grove Neighborhood Association, Inc.
Una Neighborhood Association
Urban Residents Association
Valley Brook Townhomes Neighborhood Watch
Valley Grove Neighborhood Association
Valley View Meadows Homeowners Association
Valley View-Cloverland Neighborhood Association
Village by the Creek Neighborhood Organization
Villages of Brentwood (Brentwood Summit) Homeowners Association
Villages of Brentwood Homeowners Association
Villages of Huntington Association
Villages of Larchwood Homeowners Association
Villages of Larchwood Phase 2
Vista-Whites Creek Pike Neighbors
Waldkirch Ave. Neighbors
Walnut Hills Homeowners Association
Walnut Hills Manor Neighborhood Association
Walton Oaks Neighbors
Warner Parks Community Association
Watch Tower for Crime (WTFC)
Watchay Lane Neighborhood Watch
Wellington Neighbors
West Brewer Drive Neighborhood Association
West End Park Neighborhood Association
West Meade Hills Neighborhood Association
West Meade Park Neighborhood Association
West Meade/Highway 70 Neighbors
West Nashville Neighborhood Coalition
Westchase Homeowners Association
White Bridge Neighborhood Association
Whites Bend Action Group
Whites Creek Community Club
Whites Creek Neighbors
Whites Creek Preservation Society
Whitland Area Neighborhood Association
Willow Trace Homeowners Association
Wilowen Drive / Lisa Lane Neighborhood Watch
Woodberry Park Neighborhood Association
Woodbine Commercial District
Woodbine Community Organization
Woodbine Neighbors
Woodland Forest Homeowners Association
Woodland In Waverly Neighborhood Association
Woodlawn Area Neighborhood Association
Woodlawn West (Brighton Avenue) Neighborhood Association
Woodlawn West Historic Neighborhood Association
Woodmont Estates Neighborhood Association
Woody Crest Area Neighborhood Watch
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