Public Notice

Very few issues rise to that of ensuring an open, fair, and honest government both elected and unelected. The NNA has always hammered away at the proposition of a government that is both responsive to the needs of its citizens while ensuring that these same citizens are afforded the opportunity to participate in the decision-making processes of government.

One piece of public policy that hasn't advanced much towards the inclusion of more citizens in government has been the tools used to provide public notice of local or city-wide issues of importance. We have spoken with members of Council who feel stymied by the limitations they are under regarding notifying their constituents of important matters in their Districts.

So the NNA will be looking at notice provision tools including mail, e-mail, facebook, twitter, and signage. We will be attempting to reach the broadest group of neighbors while understanding the expense associated with some of these items. Clearly, we will be engaging the Administration, Council, Departments, Boards and Commissions, User Groups and as many Neighborhood leaders as is possible.

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