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Feeding the Mission

The Nashville Neighborhood Alliance relies on funds derived from Neighborhood Organization Donations, Individual Donors and direct and in-kind gifts. We are a 501 C-4 corporation which allows for political action but does not allow a tax deduction for its donors. By 1995 the intensity of advocacy and outreach of the NNA and it's Board Members had created a veritable flood of neighbors wanting to come together as Neighborhood Groups to make real change in their communities. This was taking increasing levels of volunteer time, energy, and financial resources. At that point, Billy Fields and John Stern scratched out a plan, on a Shoney's napkin, of a structure that would provide for the NNA's many new needs, while allowing for donations to be tax-deductible and most importantly providing the opportunity to receive grant funding.

In 1997, the Neighborhoods Resource Center (NRC) was created by the NNA  to support the NNA's primary needs area - Neighborhood Organizing, Leadership Training, Information Services and Administrative support. This was made possible through a new funding formula at the United Way of Middle Tennessee. That funding stream came out of the Building Strong Neighborhoods Community Solutions Council. From that humble beginning, NRC was soon being looked upon as the preeminent community-based partner for more conventional social service providers. 

NNA has been supported by directed funding source. Current funding levels now pay for this website, meeting materials and outreach support.

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